Ken Taber art studio and gallery
Ken Taber Water Garden

The garden surrounding Ken Taber's house and studio was started in 1991 and takes up much of the five and half acres. Set in a low lying area the garden features ten dams and ponds with six islands, many bridges and jetties. Along with native flora the main feature is the many palms, ferns and water plants that go to make this garden such a haven for a wide range of birds and native fauna.

The Ken Taber Studio and Gallery are located amid a well established water garden.

"Shimmering sheets of water, trickling streams, ponds embroided with lotus flowers and water lillies. Bridges emerge from the swampland bird sanctuary where artist Ken Taber has created an evocative garden. Richly pleated palms and tree ferns add texture." (Australian Open Garden Book)

These pictures are just a small selection of some areas of the garden. Click any of the images for a larger view.


Ken Taber Sculpture

The Bononomoop

A new Ken Taber sculpture over looking the water gardens.

Looking Across the Dam

Reflections in Dam

The Boardwalk

Bridge and Lillies

Coastal Storm
Covered bridge The Covered Bridge
The Art Gallery and Steps The art gallery
The garden seat A garden seat nestled among the trees
Garden steps leading down from the art gallery Garden steps
The main house Looking across the lake to the house
One of the many lawns among this South Coast water garden The lawns
The garden seat A pathway along side the creek
Reed pond Garden steps
The main house Reflections in the pond looking toward the rotunda
The rotunda provides a perfect location for a wedding or just a relaxing time Rotunda
Watching you I'm watching you!
Walkway through the Wisteria Rotunda